Better hygiene and cleanliness.

Geberit sanitary products for bidets.

Functional, statically safe and reliable
With Geberit sanitary products, you can not only have your bidet installed easily and aesthetically, but also use it safely and reliably. Geberit offers installation elements for installing bidets in drywall and solid construction for almost any installation situation.

New options for bathroom design
With the Geberit Monolith sanitary module for bidets, Geberit strikes a new path in bathroom design. Whether in a new building or bathroom renovation – the well-designed module can be installed quickly and easily and sets trends in bathroom design. Along with the Geberit Monolith for WCs and the Geberit Monolith for washbasins, Geberit offers a product range that enables you to implement innovative bathroom designs quickly, easily and cleanly.

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