Time goes by.

Quality remains.

The bathroom is a room which we use several times a day, every day. Consequently, the sanitary products, ceramic appliances and waste and drainage pipes installed in it must endure intense use. To guarantee reliable operation over years, the products’ quality is decisive. This is the reason why Geberit sets quality at the top of the priority list during the product development phase. To meet all expectations, Geberit products are extensively tested in extreme conditions. The best test, however, is time. And the ultimate proof of quality is seeing products installed in the 60s or 70s, still working as on their first day.

“The first project I did with Geberit was the Rand Merchant Bank in 1995. Since then, I have installed more than 5000 Geberit cisterns in South Africa. The products are solid, reliable, maintenance free and it simply keeps on flushing after more than 20 years. This quality combined with the service I get from Geberit people make Geberit an obvious choice for me.“

Alois Pichler
Contracts Manager
Modern Plumbing Works Pty Ltd

“I choose Geberit products because of their quality and reliability. The positive feed-backs which I receive from my clients confirm that it is the right choice.”

İsmet Tekeli
Interior Designer
TKL Architecture

“We have been working with Geberit since 2003. For the past 13 years, we have installed 20-storey to 3-storey buildings using Geberit HDPE pipes and Sovent fittings. Our latest project, the Discovery Primea, a 60-storey residential building, has used Geberit HDPE materials. Our customers are very satisfied with the Geberit piping products.”

Eric Yu
Managing Director
Ottilie Marketing Inc, Philippines