Design included

Geberit Alpha concealed cistern

The Geberit Alpha concealed cisterns and the Geberit Alpha actuator plates are the latest members of the family. The range of the Geberit concealed cisterns has been enriched with a product line that presents itself reduced to the max. It is offering solutions for the small budget and is still nothing short of quality or reliability.

The cisterns can be installed in either brick walls or drywalls. For standard bathroom requirements the perfect match.The Geberit Alpha cisterns are equipped with a high-end flush valve and a top silent fill valve, exceeding Sound Class 1 requirements. No need to buy extras. Brackets for the inwall installation are also included.

Elegant understatement
The Geberit Alpha actuator plates are all made of high-quality plastic. This may sound contradictory, but the plastic produced with Geberit is according to the highest standards, long-lasting, easy to clean and nice to the touch. The Geberit design tradition can be easily recognised.