Future included

The professional solution for WC electrical and water supply connections

For tomorrow's demands on convenience

A conventional, reliable WC system with water-saving dual flush may be sufficient today, but in just a few years, the homeowner may wish to add a shower toilet or odour extraction unit. In an ideal world, all the necessary connections would already be prepared so that costly structural alterations can be avoided.

Prepared for a shower toilet

Geberit has modified the installation elements for wall-hung WCs for future market requirements. Whether Geberit Duofix, Geberit GIS, Geberit Sanbloc or Geberit Kombifix, all these installation elements have standard conduit pipes for a hidden feed pipe for a Geberit AquaClean shower toilet. They also have the anchoring for a conduit pipe for electric cables so that every concealed installation is optimally prepared for the later installation of a shower toilet.

An information sign under the service opening indicates the exact position of the conduit pipes for the feed pipe and electrical connection. This saves the plumber the effort of searching for the connections behind the wall.

Prepared for an odour extraction unit

WC systems which are also equipped with a connection pipe for an odour extraction unit directly from the WC ceramic appliance are optimally prepared for future demands on convenience. For this reason, Geberit recommends the installation of installation elements for wall-hung WCs with an odour extraction adapter whenever possible. The associated additional costs are minimal.

1. Integrated conduit pipe for Geberit AquaClean water supply connection
2. Integrated conduit pipe for Geberit AquaClean Sela water supply connection
3. Position of hidden electrical connection
4. Position of visible electrical connection