The system with negative pressure

Geberit Pluvia roof drainage

Reasons to choose the Geberit Pluvia system

Geberit system elements


Reliably leakproof

Tested for 100% tightness

Tested for 100% tightness

Each individual Pluvia roof outlet is tested for tightness at the factory. The red dot marks the leak test. Errors in components or installation errors that lead to leaky points can be excluded in this way.


Highest load bearing capacity

Pluvia seals made of EPDM

Highest load bearing capacity

The Pluvia EPDM seals are characterised by extreme robustness in the face of mechanical or thermal loads. The specific geometry of the seal and the reliable quality of the material guarantees a high level of stability.


Space-saving and discreet

Compact design

Space-saving and discreet

Pluvia roof outlets do not require a lot of space thanks to their compact design. Smaller recesses can also be created more quickly in the building structure. With its compact design, Pluvia is also suitable for very narrow gutters (min. 30 cm).


Reliable performance

Optimum product geometry

Function disc

The Geberit Pluvia roof outlets prevent air from being sucked in or from flowing in and guarantee reliable performance.


Faster installation

Extra-long PE connection and pre-mounted anti-condensation insulation

Faster installation

Thanks to the new PE connection, the pipe does not need to be extended additionally and can be installed without complications, even when high insulation thicknesses are used. Geberit Pluvia roof outlets are supplied as standard with pre-mounted anti-condensation insulation.


Safety during heavy rainfall

Emergency overflow system

Emergency overflow

The emergency overflow system can be constructed from the same components as the main roof drainage system. The Pluvia roof outlets are therefore easily reconstructed using the emergency overflow set. Good differentiation between the systems due to the function disc and rotating lock bar sealing of the emergency operation set in grey.


Simple installation

New rotating lock bar sealing

Rotating lock bar sealing

Thanks to the innovative rotating lock bar sealing, the outlet grating can be opened and closed again in no time at all. This makes installation and maintenance even easier.


Everything from one system

Clever product range

Everything from one system

Pluvia roof outlets follow a uniform construction and a uniform installation logic. Accessories and connections can be used flexibly for different outlet sizes. This means that fewer parts need to be stored in the warehouse.


Fewer fastening points

Fastening points every 2.5 m

Fewer fastening points

With the Geberit Pluvia fastening system for horizontal pipeline, fastening points are only required every 2.5 m: fewer modifications are made to the building structure than with conventional fastening systems.


No screws required

Fastening with tension wedges

Tension wedges

Screws are not required thanks to the universal tension wedges. Instead, the tension wedges can simply be hit with the hammer.


Economical installation

Determine anchor points subsequently

Anchor points with electrofusion tape

Fastening with electrofusion tape enables anchor points to be determined subsequently. This makes installation easier and any errors can be corrected during the process.


Ideal for lightweight roofs

Weak forces acting on the building structure

Ideal for lightweight roofs

As only limited tensile loads act on the building structure and only a few fastening points are required, Pluvia is ideal for installation in lightweight roofs.


Resistant and corrosion-free

The tried-and-tested HDPE piping system

PE-HD pipes of the highest quality

The PE-HD piping system by Geberit is synonymous with the highest level of resistance, especially against corrosion.


Simply waterproof

Positive connection

Positive connection

The positively bonded welding joint can be created with butt welding or electrofusion sleeve couplings.

Fewer pipelines, more performance
Geberit has been defining standards for roof drainage for decades with the Geberit Pluvia negative pressure system.

These reasons speak clearly in favour of Geberit Pluvia:

  • fewer roof outlets due to high discharge rate
  • increased flexibility when planning due to fewer stacks
  • maximum use of the space thanks to horizontal pipelines without slopes

Sophisticated details, high-quality system components and Geberit as your partner ensure reliable safety, durability and smooth operation.

The right technology ensures a better result
Roof drainage with negative pressure

New with Pluvia

Better handling

  • More compact construction and an ergonomic design for all Geberit roof outlets compared to their predecessors
  • Sealing with new rotating lock bars for easy installation and maintenance
  • Extra-long Geberit PE straight connectors made of HDPE for increased insulation thickness

Easier planning and calculation

  • Geberit ProPlanner software with plug-in for Autodesk® Revit® for hydraulic calculations
  • Complete BIM data available

The right solution for a wide range of roof structures

Concrete roof with bitumen as a water-bearing level

Example 1: For concrete roofs with bitumen roof foil, Geberit Pluvia provides an extra-large contact sheet for improved connection.

Warm roof with vapour barrier connection and roof foil as a water-bearing level

Example 2: Lightweight roofs benefit from the low static load thanks to Geberit Pluvia. The long connection pipe overcomes even high insulation thicknesses.

Geberit Pluvia flanged in the gutters

Example 3: Geberit Pluvia is also suitable for installation in gutters thanks to its compact design.

Geberit Pluvia with set installed suitable for weight-bearing

Example 4: In the case of weight-bearing concrete roofs with bitumen roof foil, Geberit Pluvia can be adapted to the height with a supplementary set.

Geberit Pluvia fastening system

The Geberit Pluvia fastening system

  • Fastening points only required on the building structure every 2.5 metres
  • Can be installed easily using a hammer thanks to the universal tension wedges
  • Fastening with electrofusion tape enables anchor points to be determined subsequently
  • Ideal for lightweight roofs since there are only weak forces acting on the building structure

The tried-and-tested, easy-to-install Geberit PE pipes made of PE-HD are connections with long-term durability for safe roof drainage.

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