ISH 2015

Questions to Ayman Jawhary

How long have you been working with Geberit?

13 years, I joined Geberit on 01.03.2002.

How many times have you been on the Geberit ISH stand?

5 times, 2007 / 2009 on Geberit stand and 2011 / 2013 and 2015 on both Geberit and AquaClean stands.

Approximately how many customer contacts do you have per day?

I am primarily here for our Arabic and English speaking clients. Usually on days two and three of the exhibition it tends to be busier. Each day varies in numbers but to summarise I can say I meet 15 – 20 Arabic or English speaking clients on each day of the exhibition.

Where are the customers from?

The customers I assist are mainly from the Gulf region - Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. I also assist with our English speaking customers and this year there were many from Europe and the Far East. It truly attracts a global audience.

What has changed most during the last years at ISH?

It is clear exhibitors concentrate on presenting their latest advances in in water and energy technology, each year we see an increase in new designs for energy efficient and water saving products. In the last years, there has been a clear focus on sustainability – for Geberit it is an opportunity for us to show the latest innovations in sanitary technology.

What is your most rewarding experience at ISH?

As ISH is known as the largest exhibition in the world for water and energy, it is a fantastic opportunity to learn about and see the latest in future-oriented products related to our industry. It is also very rewarding to share the latest innovative news Geberit has to share with the world and showcase the latest advances we have made in sanitary technology. Our guests were eager to learn all they could and had many questions for me on the stand.

What are the current topics on your daily business, besides of ISH?

I am head of Kuwait and Qatar in the Gulf region which involves being in constant touch with our partners to give support in projects, to train MEP professionals on our new product ranges and to secure business in both countries.

How is the market situation in the Gulf region at the moment?

Geberit has had a presence in the Gulf region for more than 27 years and we are known for our age old traditions, vast know-how, reliability and innovation. We are well placed in the region with a strong sales force, all excited that the Gulf region is in the forefront of upcoming world events such as Expo 2020 in Dubai and the Football World Cup in Qatar 2022. The consequences to the drop in oil prices remains to be seen but the governments in the Gulf region are adamant their plans for major construction projects are vital to the economic and social interests of each county in the region and that they will continue to move forward.

How has the market changed within the last few years?

Of course the trend to have high-rise buildings, big malls, new airports, huge hospitals and hotels in the gulf region changed the map of the area to become modern and attractive are put the region on the must visit list for tourists from all over the world. This encouraged the concept to have the latest technologies in all industries and as an example in our business, to have wall hung concealed solutions. With the improvement in building quality, there is also now a much bigger trend towards acoustic drainage systems and low-noise and durable products which enable flexible constructions and correspond to sustainable building standards.

What are the prospects for the next years?

I believe it will keep growing and the requirement for sustainability and LEED concepts will increase. They will be considered at the design stage and become a must. The ongoing optimization and expansion of the Geberit product range is decisive for future success. Innovation strength is founded on basic research in areas such as hydraulics, statics, fire protection, hygiene and acoustics. The insights gained are systematically implemented in the development of products and systems for the benefit of customers.