Geberit ProPlanner

Application for success

Successful sanitary projects start with good planning

Geberit ProPlanner is an independent, customised software precisely matched to your needs and habits as a specialist planner.
Our program supports you in planning of; prewall systems and elements; and roof drainage systems – is included in this state-of-the-art software. Geberit's planning software Geberit ProPlanner integrates the entire process in a cross-trade, fast and easy-to-use procedure. The creation of cost estimates, specifications and offers is a time and cost factor which cannot be underestimated nowadays. The competitive situation forces every company to create plans both quickly and simply, but with the highest level of precision and safety. From simple rough planning in a couple of minutes to detailed planning and design, Geberit ProPlanner boasts a competitive edge in four crucial areas:

  1. the comprehensive, system-oriented planning of sanitary technology,
  2. top precision,
  3. maximum time savings,
  4. ease of use thanks to a sector-compliant user interface with the latest Windows technology.

With a few clicks of the mouse, a fully dimensioned and calculated plan or the full specifications are created in the format desired. Ground plan, front view, 3D view of prewall systems, hydraulics, product materials and quote and calculation lists are immediately available as output results. Appropriate interfaces, such as Autodesk RealDWG and Microsoft Excel, are available for further processing of the output results. Geberit ProPlanner provides every detail in optimum, clear visualisation, automatically and in a format compatible with CAD. The calculation always operates with the latest standards.