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Quiz winner - 1st prize

Congratulations Ali Can Atagür

  • Winner 1st prize - Ali Can Atagür

First prize’s winner Ali Can Atagür, architect at Ae mimarlık, Istanbul, Turkey, with Secil Sayındı, Marketing & Corporate Communications Manager at Geberit Turkey.

Interview with Ali Can Atagür

Can you please present yourself in a few words?
Architecture is my lifestyle and I am longing to discover things that I hadn't even thought about.

What kind of projects do you do as an architect?
Throughout my experiences I have been directly involved in over 450 successful projects. I have more than 12 years of experience as an architect with different architectural firms. I designed various kind of projects. Especially I designed mixed use projects, hotels, offices and residences projects.

Since how long do you know Geberit?
Since I had started at university, 2001.

Do you use Geberit products in your projects?
Yes, I use Geberit products in my projects.

What is your opinion about the Geberit products and the Geberit brand?
I generally use Geberit products because of their innovative design and quality.

Do you think that Geberit is a reliable partner? Please explain your opinion in a few word.
From Project to construction period, Geberit helps the architects as a consultant.

How did you hear about our quiz?
On social media.

What was your first thought when you learned that you’ve won a trip to Switzerland?
I and my wife love to travel and Switzerland is one of our favorite destinations. We are looking forward to visit Zurich.

Have you ever been to Switzerland?

What are you planning to do / visit during your stay?
We would like to see and discover modern architecture of Zurich and visit the museums.