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The Gulf Regional office confirms all Geberit sanitary products , including water taps and flushing systems, are ECAS certified and are in line with ESMA water efficiency regulation in UAE. Additionally, in Saudi Arabia, complying with SASO regulations has been on top priority since the implementation of the program 15 June 2019. Geberit ensures that all distributors obtain certification of conformity prior to importing and registered in SABER portal as needed.

Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA)

Geberit Gulf Regional office has confirmed that all its products that require certification according to ESMA water efficiency scheme, have obtained ECAS certification and meet Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) standards.

“All our sanitary systems, including water taps and flushing systems, are ECAS certified well ahead of the recent ESMA notification, and are in line with the UAE’s focus on conserving water resources,” Parinoosh Irani confirms for Geberit.

This announcement follows the UAE’s national standards and certification authority’s recent circular stipulating that all traders, importers, retailers and manufacturers in the country must ensure they sell, display and store products that comply with relevant legislations and that have been granted the ECAS conformity certificate.

As per the notification, ESMA - in coordination with the local government authorities – embarked upon an intensive inspection of showrooms and warehouses recently to ensure product conformity in the UAE markets.

Traders, importers, retailers and manufacturers in the UAE are required to present their certificates upon request or at the time of inspection.

ESMA monitors the application of standards and technical regulations and runs the ECAS system of combining assessment of conformity and certification of products. The certificate represents an organisation’s competence to perform all required tasks in the most efficient way possible.

Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO)

Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), has mandated certifying all consumer goods which are meant for sales in Saudi market according to the relevant technical regulations and specifications introduced under Saudi laws. For the said purpose, all importers and local manufacturers are obliged to register their goods on Saber platform and apply for Certificates of Conformity and Certificates of Shipment. The platform aims to ensure that products are free from defects that may affect the health and safety of consumers.

The technical Regulation for Building Materials has been implemented by SASO since 15 June 2019 and several Geberit products including taps, flushing cisterns, and Ceramic sanitary products have been registered on the Saber portal since then and have received the relevant CoC to allow the sales in Saudi market.

To meet the requirements of this Regulation, Geberit flushing systems fulfill the essential specifications covered in standard number SASO-1480 and SASO-1257. Whereas the taps comply with SASO-2655 and sanitary appliances meet the requirements of SASO-1473 and SASO-1025

Geberit continues to monitor the Saudi market’s requirements to ensure all Geberit products meet the country requirements.