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Specialist Drainage Solutions

Geberit SuperTube was introduced to some of the brightest Wet Service engineering minds in South Africa during a 3-day launch last November.

The event, launching in South Africa, the new SuperTube system, was led by Mathias Riggenbach, Senior Product Manager from Geberit. Mathias could provide a view of issues faced in the development of high-rise building currently faced and how the innovative SuperTube system is able to overcome these challenges.

The main concerns that were highlighted, was the amount of space traditional piping systems use, the cost of installing these systems and the amount of time these systems, as well as the complexity of design required. Geberit SuperTube can overcome all these obstacles thanks to the innovative new fitting designs. Thanks to the new Backflip and Bottom turn bends, a continuous column of air is maintained throughout the system, nullifying the need for additional ventilation pipes. The design of the Geberit SuperTube also allows for smaller piping dimensions to be used and by extension reducing the duct size required. This allows for more efficient use of the available space and providing environmentally friendly, cost saving options to the installer as far less material is used.

The theoretical presentation was followed by a practical demonstration, in the Geberit Hydraulic Tower at the Johannesburg Showroom and Training Centre. Guests were taken through various installation scenarios, including a SuperTube demonstration and detailed analysis. If there were any sceptics in the room, the tower demonstration dispelled any doubts.

With the room abuzz with enthusiastic conversation the Geberit Southern Africa team was able to discuss the new products with the guests in an informal, relaxed setting.

The event was extremely well received by guests over the three days:

Robert Abbink, Director of Abbink Consulting mentioned “it is wonderful to know that there are company’s out there that are willing to understand their product and, by definition, reinvent their product to ensure that the best result is always maintained. The time spent to truly understand the nature of the product must be applauded, and in so also offering their clients better value for money”

Johan La Grange from DSB commented “This new researched product was impressive in performance to solve problems Wet Services Engineers experience in high rise buildings where high speed vertical pipe flows change direction to horizontal on middle floors or ground level and hydraulic Jumps with cut of ventilation air cause problems to water slots and connections close to transitions points.

The research and development and design guideline presentations by Geberit Switzerland provide all the technical background required. The videos and practical demonstration in the pipe-tower-lab of Geberit made the new functional performance of the Geberit SuperTube fitting, visibly simple to understand. It clearly demonstrated the hydraulic performance benefits immediately between conventional 90-degree bends and the SuperTube bend, to maintain ventilation air-channelling transition point. It will certainly minimize negative pressure and risk of drawing water slots empty from p-traps linking to the stack above and close to transition point.

It will have application even in building of 4-6 storeys where there are plumbing fitting connections at ground level close to transitions points, from vertical to horizontal.

PS: Thanks it was an enjoyable learning event concluded with tasty food and beer”

The Geberit Southern Africa team, will be hosting further launches throughout February, March & April. We would be delighted to host you.

For further information on the planned events, please contact Geberit:

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