Geberit Training

Together we've got Know-How installed

Geberit plumbing and sanitary systems have proven themselves over many years and are renowed for their ease of installation. At Geberit, we realise the importance in providing training on our products to ensure confidence in installing and using them both inside and outside the wall, which is why we make it such a fundamental part of our day to day operations.

Who are the courses for?
Geberit’s training modules are designed to provide benefits to all professionals within the construction industry. From designers and architects to engineers and installers, Geberit can tailor the course to specific requirements.

Where is the training held?
All our comprehensive hands-on training courses are delivered at Geberit’s Training Centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Facilities include a fully functional workshop for practical training. Alternatively, we can also provide off-site training whether it be at your premises or in another suitable location. In addition to the formal training at our facilities, we can also provide specific product instruction and installation training on site.

What are the costs involved and what is included?
All courses are free of charge and, if taken at the Geberit training centre, includes refreshments. Attendance certificates will be issued on completion of our practical courses.

How do I book?
To book please contact your area sales representative or by calling your regional office

Gauteng +27 11 444 5070.

KwaZulu-Natal +27 31 579 3504.

Cape +27 21 555 0651

Geberit offers a wide range of installation systems and accessories to help create outstanding commerical washrooms or domestic bathrooms.

These include Geberit HDPE, the acoustically insulated Geberit Silent-db20 drainage pipes and fittings and our innovative Geberit Mapress and Mepla pressfitting supply system.