Preventing any spreading, before it becomes worse

Geberit fire protection solutions

Top safety standards for fire-protected installations

Fires cannot always be ruled out entirely, but they become particularly dangerous when unsecured shafts of all kinds make it easier for them to spread through the building. Geberit fire protection solutions prevent fires from spreading via the transitions of the domestic installation. The solutions are constantly being enhanced through continuous research and fulfil the highest safety standards.

The Geberit fire protection sleeve prevents fire from spreading via the drainage system to the next floor or adjoining flats. Under the influence of heat, the material in the fire protection sleeve expands, compressing the drainage system, thereby preventing the fire from spreading to other floors or rooms. It therefore corresponds to the structural requirements that prescribe the prevention of smoke and fire spreading.

The Geberit ceiling closure system offers an easy-to-use and reliable solution for the fire-safe closure of ceiling openings, which can be used in ceiling constructions and installation shafts. It minimises the work for closing openings and ensures comprehensive fire protection. The ceiling closure system has general construction supervision approval and corresponds to the relevant norms and rules. Plumbers and sanitary engineers can thus be confident of being in compliance with the law.

Geberit fire protection sleeves on the service opening to the cistern, on the flush bend to the toilet and on the outlet bend from the toilet prevent the spread of fire in a horizontal direction. The accessory parts for fire protection are compatible with Geberit Duofix installation elements and can be installed in solid walls and drywalls, in order to meet the relevant fire protection requirements.