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Acoustic solutions from Geberit

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Noise has a detrimental effect on our quality of life.

No one wants to hear their neighbour going to the toilet. Waste water noise disturbs us when we are sleeping, reading or working, and results in a flood of complaints to hotel staff, landlords, sanitary engineers and plumbers. With proper planning and the right products, however, this problem can be solved without breaking the bank.

The most common sources of noise in the bathroom

  1. The sanitary installation elements are in direct contact with the floor or the walls, so the sound is transferred to the entire building.
  2. Conventional discharge pipes are not designed to absorb noise.
  3. In most cases, the noise caused by waste water is not taken into account when planning a building. Special sound insulation measures must be taken, particularly when bathrooms are located directly above or adjacent to bedrooms.

Effectively reducing the sounds emitted by sanitary systems

Sound insulation solution

1. Sound-absorbing discharge pipes reduce sound at the source.

2. Prewalls with sound insulation prevent the sound being transferred to the rest of the building via the walls.

3. Discharge pipes which are on the same floor and run directly to the stack protect the neighbours from unnecessary sounds.

4. Wall-hung WCs prevent the sound being transferred to the rest of the building via the floor.

5. Appropriate acoustic planning prevents unnecessary noise.

Isol mat

Sanitary systems don't have to be noisy. The benefits are visible as well as audible – sound-absorbing Geberit installations provide the ideal basis for first-class bathroom design.

Geberit Silent-db20

Geberit Silent-db20 is a sound-absorbing discharge pipe from Geberit. Designed and tested in the Geberit Building Technology and Acoustics Laboratory, it is highly valued by countless tenants, hotel guests, investors and plumbers all over the world.

Geberit Silent-db20

Geberit Duofix

Geberit Duofix

The sound-absorbing installation system. This system is the result of 50 years of experience with concealed cisterns. Effective prevention of waste water noise.

Geberit Duofix

Isol mat

Geberit sound insulation mat Isol

Sound insulation mats for additional noise reduction.