Waste water on quiet feet

Geberit Silent-db20

Triple protection against sound
Geberit Silent-db20 fulfils existing sound insulation requirements without difficulty, because the sound insulation comes already installed. HDPE, the mineral reinforced plastic, is used for its manufacture, which lends the pipes and fittings an increased weight, thus effectively reducing both their natural vibration and the sound it generates. Sound insulation ribs in the impact zones further reduce noise development. In addition, system pipe brackets for wall fastening decouple the drainage system acoustically from both walls and ceilings, thus preventing a transmission of solid-borne sound.

Solutions for practically every type of building
Branch fittings in the typical stack dimensions are hydraulically optimised. This allows for greater loads and even smaller stack dimensions in some cases. Pipes and fittings are available in dimensions from 56 mm to 160 mm, i.e. for practically all building types, from single-family houses to high-rise buildings.

Economical and safe connection methods
Different connection methods are possible, depending on the application. Electrofusion couplers achieve a comprehensive tensile strength simply and safely, e.g. for additional safety when laid in concrete or with cramped installation conditions. Butt welding is considered a traditional and safe connection method on site or during prefabrication. Cutting and mounting is carried out without hazardous flexing. Scrap pieces left over from processing can be reused as fitting pieces or disposed of without difficulty.