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Geberit welding tools

Well-thought-out, reliable machines for pros

Geberit HDPE and Geberit Silent-db20 pipes and fittings can be welded together. Butt welding and electrofusion couplers are well suited to this application. Geberit offers a range of modern, highly efficient welding tools for this purpose.

Time savings on the building site and in the workshop

The Universal and Media butt-welding machines are easy to operate and can be converted quickly. Thanks to their almost legendary robustness, they are well suited to both prefabrication in the workshop and use on the building site.

Lighter machines, tools swap out quickly

Geberit has now completely redesigned these machines without giving up their legendary robustness. Particular attention was paid to operation and changing the machines from one pipe dimension to another.

Easy and efficient to operate

The Geberit electrofusion machine ESG 3 can be used for all dimensions up to DN 300 and can weld up to three electrofusion couplers at a time. A remote control makes the work easier. Thanks to the built-in overvoltage protection, it can also be operated with a generator.

Geberit pipe scraper d110

Geberit pipe scraper d110

With the Geberit pipe scraper d110, the pipes and fittings can be prepared in a time-saving and convenient way for the welding of the electrofusion sleeve coupling:

  • Can be used with conventional cordless drill drivers
  • Suitable for all Geberit HDPE and Geberit Silent-db20 pipes and fittings D110
  • Also ideal for areas that are hard to reach
  • The blade can be replaced easily