Flat profile for high performance

Geberit traps for shower trays

Excellent performance with low construction height

Thanks to their low construction height, Geberit shower drains allow the particularly low installation of shower trays.

Simple cleaning

Thanks to the flexible trap cup, the trap and discharge pipe are easily accessible and can therefore be cleaned easily. A removable comb insert, which is also easy to clean, prevents clogging.

Outstanding protection from damage

The Geberit shower drains are fitted with all-round seals on both sides and therefore protect the shower trays from corrosion.

Product range

  • Water seal depth of 50 mm with discharge rate of 0.65 l/s
  • Water seal depth of 30 mm with discharge rate of 0.5 l/s
  • Available in all common outlet dimensions.
  • Colours: bright chrome-plated, white alpine, matt chrome-plated and gold-plated