Customer magazine

Information benefits for customers

First and foremost, the Geberit customer magazine addresses plumbers and sanitary engineers. It is published four times a year and provides timely information on product innovations, application examples, events and interesting reference objects. It also provides relevant expertise and insights into Geberit, the company.

Focuses in the customer magazine of December 2016:

  • Anywhere event Cape Town 2016
  • New Products 2017
  • Sound design for Geberit products
  • Port House, Antwerp, Belgium

Know-how - customer magazine December 2016

Focuses in the customer magazine of September 2016:

  • Odour extraction unit for the toilet
  • Clean drains for floor-even showers
  • Switzerland's first wooden modular hotel
  • Tests with virtual water
  • Coastal home in a Sydney suburb

Know-how - customer magazine September 2016

Focuses in the customer magazine of June 2016:

  • Flush in style with the new Sigma70
  • A timber house in a class of its own
  • Polar men don’t feel the cold
  • An extraordinary building in Berlin
  • Find out why Milan hotelier places his faith in Geberit Monolith

Know-how - customer magazine June 2016

Focuses in the customer magazine of March 2016:

  • New urinal system
  • Geberit flushing systems
  • BIM data for Geberit products
  • Plumbers in charge

Know-how - customer magazine March 2016