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Geberit system solutions for public sanitary facilities

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  • Geberit taps in public areas

Geberit allows you to plan and implement solutions which are aesthetically and functionally tailored to the requirements of the tasks in question. This makes it possible to operate public toilet facilities in a straightforward, resource-saving manner.

  • Geberit WCs in public areas

Products for public sanitary facilities have to meet a huge range of demanding requirements, from hygiene and easy maintenance to safety in everyday use and protection against vandalism. Economic considerations play a key role both during installation and in everyday use. In addition, the conditions and equipment of a publicly accessible sanitary facility are a calling card and advertisement – for companies, transport operators, sports centres and municipalities alike.

  • Dependable planning
  • Reliable
  • Hygienic
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy to service
  • Vandal-resistant
  • Economical
  • Public WC with Geberit flushing cisterns, flush plates and urinals

Hygienic, clean and well flushed public and semi-public WCs are always inviting to users. Safe, touchless Geberit WC flush controls ensure that the flush is activated reliably after every use.

  • Touchless flush with Geberit flushing cistern

The toilet flush is generally activated automatically and touchlessly when the user moves away or moves a hand towards the visible IR sensor. In addition, it can be activated manually with a mechanical actuator.

  • Geberit urinal ceramic Preda

Flexibility is the trademark of the Geberit urinal system: the right solution is available for almost any preference and virtually every construction project. The comprehensive product range considerably simplifies the planning, installation and maintenance of urinal systems. All function elements can be accessed with ease – a key advantage compared to conventional urinals. For example, the trap can be reached easily from above without having to remove the urinal ceramic appliance.

  • Geberit urinal Preda with integrated control

As well as the Geberit actuator plates and covers, which are placed in a visible position above the urinal ceramic appliance, integrated controls can also be used for flushing the Geberit urinal Preda and Selva. These are invisible but can easily be reached in the lower part of the urinal ceramic appliance and can be removed from their practical docking station in just a few simple steps.

  • Urinal flexibility thanks to the Geberit installation frame

From an economical flush function through the individually adjustable hybrid mode to completely waterless operation – all of the different models can be implemented within the system. In other words, the Geberit urinal system provides the right solution for any requirement and any construction project.

Find out more about the Geberit urinal system

  • Geberit taps for public buildings

Wall-mounted taps are the sophisticated solution for public and semi-public sanitary facilities. As well as a more attractive aesthetic, they also offer more space for hand washing than conventional deck-mounted solutions and are therefore easier to clean, making them more hygienic in turn.

  • Tap flexibility thanks to the Geberit installation frame

The Geberit tap system ensures reliable functions, particularly in highly frequented areas. The tap housing is anchored firmly in the Geberit installation element and delicate components are separate from the tap, virtually eliminating the risk of damage due to moisture or vandalism.

  • Design-focused Geberit washbasin taps

In the past, it was the control technology which made many electronically controlled taps appear larger and less elegant than conventional taps. Geberit's new tap system provides a superior solution to this problem.

  • Geberit washbasin tap Brenta,
  • Geberit washbasin tap Brenta,
    wall-mounted, 220 mm
  • Geberit washbasin tap Brenta,
    wall-mounted, 170 mm
  • Geberit washbasin tap Piave,
  • Geberit washbasin tap Piave,
    wall-mounted, 220 mm
  • Geberit washbasin tap Piave,
    wall-mounted, 170 mm

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  • Touchless flush with Geberit actuator plates

In public sanitary facilities, the toilet or urinal flush control is generally activated automatically and touchlessly when the user moves away or moves a hand towards the visible IR sensor. Depending on the customer's wish or on-site conditions, manual actuation using a mechanical actuator can also be provided.

  • IR and mechanical Geberit actuator plates
  • IR and mechanical Geberit actuator plates for urinals

We offer urinal flush controls and cover plates that are the perfect complement to the designs featured in Geberit actuator plates. This allows the chosen design concept to be maintained throughout every aspect of the sanitary installation.

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