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Kings Prism Tower, Nairobi, Kenya

A new iconic corporate business tower on Nairobi’s skyline

Located in the new business district of Nairobi, the city that is known as the hub for business and development on the African continent, the Kings Prism Tower offers an array of corporate office workspaces. Its architecture is inspired by the concept of a Jewel, making the business tower as a tribute to the city. In other words, the landmark’s appearance has been designed as prisms stacked upon prisms, whereas an incidental ray of light establishes a spectrum of vivid colours on the prismatic facets of a jewel. Moreover, the tower encompasses a range of environment-friendly systems. From water saving bathroom fixtures, rain water harvesting to intelligent light control system the tower aims for an energy- as well as resource-efficient facility management.

Owner: Royal Group of companies Kenya

Architects: A+I Design

Completed: 2018