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Geberit Publica

Special solutions tailored to your needs

Individual models for specific tasks

  • Geberit Publica
  • Geberit Publica

Normal washbasins and WC ceramic appliances are not suitable for all application ranges. For that reason, special products that are tailor-made for specific tasks are sometimes required.

Certain care and hygiene scenarios, as well as industrial, commercial and leisure facilities, require special solutions for particular needs and functions. Geberit Publica offers a wide range of special products for various application ranges and special requirements.

Tailor-made special washbasins

Geberit Publica offers a wide range of special solutions that are tailor-made for specific application ranges. Such solutions are required, for example, in nurseries and schools, hospitals and care homes, rehabilitation centres, in private homes and the leisure sector, in sports facilities as well as in industry, craft and trade.

Cleaner sinks and more

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Special sinks
Geberit Publica offers a range of sinks and basins for special applications such as cleaning items, discharging waste water or washing out textiles.

Cleaner sinks
Special cleaner sinks are designed for the requirements posed by the disposal of waste water, mobile toilets and the like.

Squatting pan

  • Geberit  Publica
  • Geberit Publica

In certain cases, people require squatting pans which are built into the floor.

No contact with the sanitary ceramic
Squatting pans are seen by many people as a hygienic alternative to the sitting toilet, as there is no direct skin contact with the WC ceramic.

Surface-even installation in the floor
Geberit Publica squatting pans are designed for surface-even installation in the floor and for installing with a Geberit Sigma concealed cistern. The pan is installed in a closed-off mortar bed.

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