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Geberit Rimfree technology

Perfect combination of hygiene and design


A hygienic plus: rimfree ceramics

Cleanliness and hygiene are important, especially in the bathroom. But a standard WC is hard to clean as a classic rim is a good place for bacteria and urine scale deposits. Without that rim, stains are easily detected and removed.

Modern bathrooms are neat and orderly and so it comes to no surprise that this trend also applies to the WC: Today’s WC pan is Rimfree.

Geberit has introduced a completely new and patented flush technology - the Geberit Rimfree technology. The flow of water is controlled just before it reaches the ceramic pan. A so-called flush guide sends the water stream along both sides to the exact area where it is needed for a clean and thorough flush – and only there. A Rimfree ceramic is the most hygienic solution for the bathroom.