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Geberit bathtubs and shower trays

A comfortable bathtub and a spacious shower area are very important to bathroom customers. A shower in the morning is the perfect way to start the day – and who doesn’t enjoy relaxing in a warm bath? Geberit offers bathtubs and shower trays that bring a touch of wellness into every bathroom, regardless of the floor plan.


Geberit shower trays

Geberit Olona shower tray

Floor-even installation

The look of the Geberit Olona shower tray is just as stunning as its functions – as illustrated by the minimalist design of its floating-style drain. The drain cover for the Geberit Olona shower tray is surrounded by a slim chrome ring – a small, delicate accent that makes it appear as though the round disc is floating.

Geberit Olona blends in perfectly with all kinds of floorings and wall coverings, whether they use ceramic tiles, mosaics, stone or even wood. Its sleek design with a matt white colour throughout is what makes it so versatile.

Geberit Tala shower tray

Start the day fresh with flat shower trays

The Geberit Tala shower tray is available in a square or rectangular design and as a corner solution with a curved front edge. Gently rounded corners give the geometrically clear basic form a harmonious touch.

Geberit bathtubs

Geberit bathtubs are made of solid-coloured acrylic and they come in different sizes to match any bathroom layout.

Acrylic bathtubs offer many advantages:

  • warm temperature of the surface
  • durable, long-lasting material
  • easy to repair if scratched
  • acoustic and thermal insulation
  • colour match with ceramics
  • easy to clean
  • low product weight

  • Geberit Tawa bathtub

Geberit Tawa

Pure relaxation in the bathtub

This acrylic bathtub features a soft geometric design which can be combined with all geometric Bathroom Series. An easy and fast installation is guaranteed thanks to the Geberit leg set.

  • Geberit Soana

Geberit Soana

Stylish bathing pleasure

Created in a soft organic design, the Geberit Soana bathtubs offer an indulgent bathing experience. The sense of well-being is supported by the smooth surface of the bath material, which keeps the water warm for a longer time. The bathtub is available with a waste outlet in the middle or at the narrow end. The Geberit PushControl waste and overflow is the perfect addition, with the slim design matching the outstanding comfort of the bathtub.

Geberit Rekord

  • Geberit Rekord

Create your own wellness oasis

The built-in bathtub Geberit Rekord has a soft geometric appearance and is a successful mixture of clear and smooth lines. Its generous depth and the rounded head end make for a comfortable bathing experience.

  • Geberit Supero

Geberit Supero

A perfect solution for relaxing bathing experiences

Thanks to its clear lines, the built-in bathtub Geberit Supero fits perfectly into modern, puristic bathroom worlds. The bevelling of the rim on the head and foot ends, which emphasises the geometric form, catches the eye.The drain and overflow are available either in the middle on the long side or on the foot end.