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Geberit actuator plates for WCs

Choice is important


No-touch flush - aesthetically hygienic

  • Sigma80

You’re looking for hygiene and freshness without compromise. We offer flush actuations that fulfil your need without a touch. Without pressing a button and therefore always hygienic.

It’s not just any bathroom, it’s your bathroom.

  • Various actuator plates available

You select the tiles that reflect your style. You accept no compromises when it comes to WC ceramic appliances and washbasin taps. Moreover, because making the right choice is important, at Geberit you will find the right actuator plate for the WC to give your bathroom the crowning touch and to pamper you with comfort functions.

Perfect form meets perfect function

  • Geberit actuator plate with odour extraction unit

Geberit actuator plates don’t just look great, they also feature versatile functions. This includes an odour extraction which is suitable with many Geberit actuator plates of the Sigma series.

Design flexibility

  • Geberit bathroom with Variform washbasin square

Geberit actuator plates combine intelligent functions with convenience, ensuring a heightened sense of freshness and cleanliness in the bathroom:

  • Touchless toilet flush
  • Odour extraction unit
  • Surface-even wall integration possible

More options in overview

  • Geberit actuator plate Sigma50 odour extraction

Geberit DuoFresh odour extraction with orientation light

The new Geberit odour extraction unit for toilets can be installed in all concealed cisterns from the Sigma range. In addition to an air filter, it also has an orientation light. Under certain conditions, existing toilet systems can also be retrofitted with the odour extraction unit.

The Geberit odour extraction unit removes unpleasant odours directly from the WC ceramic appliance. It extracts the air through the flush pipe and flush valve, purifies it using a ceramic honeycomb filter and then returns it to the room.

In addition an LED orientation light behind the actuator plate provides discreet lighting when going to the toilet at night. The light is controlled by a proximity sensor, which ensures that the air extraction and orientation light are automatically switched on and off. The settings of the proximity sensor can be personalised via app.

Installation and consumables

Installation is simple and well thought out. The only requirement is a connection to the 230 V power supply system.

  • With the exception of the transformer, all components are installed through the cistern’s service opening. In line with regulations, the transformer is stored elsewhere – such as in a flush-mounting box with service opening.
  • The transformer is sold under a separate article number.
  • Apart from a few exceptions, all actuator plates from the Sigma range can be combined with the odour extraction unit. Actuator plates from older series have to be replaced in the event of retrofitting.
  • Thanks to a special mechanism, the actuator plate can be opened with a flick of the wrist, giving easy access for replacing consumables.
  • The ceramic honeycomb filter is also easy to access and can be replaced by the end user.
  • The intensity of the orientation light and the length of time it remains on can be personalised by the end user via app.

The ceramic honeycomb filter can be ordered from your local Geberit partner.

DuoFresh swivel arm
  • Sigma21 white with red gold

Make a statement in your bathroom. The standard frameless base unit of the Geberit Sigma21 actuator plate sets the stage for high-quality materials such as glass or slate. Furthermore, the plate can be enhanced with a virtually limitless variety of individually selected materials if desired.

  • High-quality materials such as glass or slate as standard
  • Frameless design
  • Customer-specific surfaces possible
  • Actuator plate with odour extraction unit for freshness in the bathroom

Odour extraction unit for freshness in the bathroom

The Geberit DuoFresh module ensures freshness in the bathroom by extracting unpleasant odours directly from the WC ceramic appliance before they have the chance to spread. The odour extraction switches on automatically and then back off again after it has finished its work.

  • Actuator plate with orientation light

Orientation light

Geberit’s odour extraction offers an additional benefit in form of a built-in LED orientation light. Just below the actuator plate a soft glow will guide you the way to the WC – simply perfect in case of a late night need.

  • Geberit remote flush button type 70 in the bathroom

Geberit remote flush actuations

These ultra-small remote flush actuations are something you’ll only find in Geberit’s range of actuator plates. They can be placed anywhere, affording you maximum flexibility.

  • Touchless Geberit actuator plate Sigma80


Geberit actuator plates enhance your bathroom environment through the convenient, state-of-the-art sanitary features they add. Toilet flush actuation uses touchless mechanisms and elegant colour schemes infuse the room with atmosphere.

  • Quiet flush actuation with Geberit actuator plate Sigma70


Thanks to the soft-touch buttons, all it takes is a gentle touch to create an exceptionally quiet flush actuation – ensuring that everyone can stay sleeping peacefully.

  • Surface-even Geberit actuator plate Omega60


Surface-even Geberit actuator plates Sigma60 lie flush with the wall surface, preventing any disruption in the harmony of the design. Their minimalist elegance not only allows them to fit in beautifully with the latest design trends, but also makes them the perfect choice for even the most sophisticated bathroom fixtures.

  • Overview of the Geberit actuator plate design series

Coordinated design series

We offer Geberit urinal flush controls and cover plates that are the perfect complement to the designs featured in Geberit actuator plates. And they all have one thing in common: their designs are entirely consistent with the concept families they belong to.

Everything with a system – Geberit flushing systems

Geberit provides reliable, discreet behind-the-wall solutions that ensure perfect functionality, outstanding convenience and maximum durability. The actuator plates are the only part of the concealed cistern the user can see. A variety of flushing systems are available, making it possible to find the right product for a particular application or special structural conditions. To make it easier to match up the Geberit actuator plates with the appropriate cisterns, they are each given a “family name” that they share with the cisterns: Sigma, Omega or Alpha.

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