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Geberit urinal system

Suits every need

Full flexibility – coordinated design

All components such as urinal ceramics, traps and urinal flush controls are optimally coordinated with one another within the Geberit urinal system. Thus you get all the benefits from a single source. The comprehensive product range considerably simplifies the planning, installation and, in particular, maintenance of urinal systems.

Diverse advantages

  • Geberit Preda urinal with spray head
  • Flexible application possibilities
  • Still reliable when under frequent use
  • Designed for minimal flush volumes
  • Easy to service – all functional components are accessible without removing the ceramic

Geberit urinal ceramics

  • Urinal Narva
    Geberit Narva urinal ceramic appliance
Geberit Narva urinal ceramic appliance:
  • ceramic appliance is perfectly coordinated with the spray head
  • particularly easy to clean thanks to the frameless design
  • streamlined appearance
  • access to the spray head without the complicated task of removing the ceramic appliance
  • ideally combined with hidden urinal flush control which offers key functions such as overflow protection
  • Dimensioning for the Geberit Preda urinal
    Geberit Preda urinal ceramic

Other rimless Geberit urinal ceramics are available in various models:

  • Geberit Preda urinal ceramics
  • Dimensioning for the Geberit Selva urinal
    Geberit Selva urinal ceramic
  • Geberit Selva urinal ceramics
  • Dimensioning for the Geberit Tamina urinal
    Geberit Tamina urinal ceramic
  • Geberit Tamina urinal ceramics
  • Urinal Renova trigonal
    Geberit Renova Trigonal urinal ceramic appliance
Geberit Selnova Trigonal urinal ceramic appliance:
  • streamlined appearance with flush rim
  • vandal-resistant
  • ideally combined with hidden urinal flush control which offers key functions such as overflow protection

Geberit urinal flush controls

In public and semi-public areas, safe and reliable operation of urinal systems is particularly important. All urinal flush controls from Geberit are therefore intended for a high degree of functional reliability. You can select from three different operating modes:

  • Concealed urinal control
  • Integrated urinal flush control
  • Waterless operation

Integrated urinal flush control – plug and play

  • Geberit urinal control unit in a docking station
  • Easy access to the control unit thanks to the docking station
  • The urinal flush control, power supply and solenoid valve are compactly integrated into the control unit
  • Power supply according to preference: mains, battery operation or self-sustaining with the integrated generator

Urinal flush control with temperature sensor

  • Geberit urinal control

Our newest urinal control fits to any type of urinal ceramic, whether rimless or with a flush rim It can be connected with Bluetooth to the Geberit Control App for setting the key parameters (operation mode, flush volume, etc.). Available in mains and battery version, the urinal control comes as a set consisting of a flush control and a urinal trap. The user detection occurs via a temperature sensor placed in the urinal trap.

Concealed urinal control

  • Dimensioning of a Geberit urinal flush control type 30 cover plate
    Geberit urinal flush control type 30 cover plate matt chrome
  • Touchless with IR technology
  • Manually pneumatic
  • Large selection of different cover plates
  • Design matched to the WC actuator plates

Geberit urinal traps

  • Geberit urinal traps
  • High discharge rate
  • No odour emission
  • Thanks to the uniform interfaces, the operating mode can be switched from flushed to waterless at any time
  • Easy to service – the drainage system can be accessed easily without removing the ceramic
  • Geberit Urinal Divisions in white, black and umber glass colours and white plastic

The Geberit urinal divisions are visually matched to the Geberit urinal ceramics – this ensures a coordinated design throughout the entire sanitary room.

The high-quality partitions are available in various glass colours or in white plastic.

Design award for the Geberit urinal ceramics

  • IF Produkt Design Award for Geberit Selva and Geberit Preda urinal ceramics

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