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Geberit WC solutions

Timeless design and extremely easy to clean

Five good reasons for a WC solution from Geberit

Take a look for yourself at how clean, user-friendly and visually appealing the Geberit WC solutions are, not to mention the outstanding comfort they bring.

Geberit ONE WC
Icon Comfort


The Geberit DuoFresh module can be easily installed in Geberit Sigma cistern and can be combined with almost any Sigma actuator plate. The odour extraction unit starts automatically as soon as someone sits down on the toilet. The air is extracted directly from the ceramic appliance and cleaned before being released back into the room. The LED orientation light also switches on automatically to show the way to the toilet.

Icon Accessibility


To be prepared for every life situation, the Geberit ONE WC offers an added feature – height adjustability. Thanks to the sophisticated installation technology, the height of the Geberit ONE WC can be flexibly adjusted without needing to open up the prewall – even years after being installed. Integrated height adjustability thus provides additional flexibility across the generations.

Icon Design


Design is a matter of taste, which is why our bathroom series have different WC ceramic appliance shapes that can be integrated in any bathroom thanks to their timeless, elegant design. In doing so, we mostly use wall-hung ceramic appliances in order to maintain a sense of lightness and make the bathroom appear spacious.

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Optimisation of space

We attach great importance to solutions that optimise space, such as WC ceramic appliances with small projections. If the proportions are perfectly coordinated, the room appears more spacious and is given that pronounced sense of lightness required for feeling comfortable.

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Added cleanliness with less effort with the functions Rimfree®, TurboFlush and QuickRelease. The rimless Rimfree® WCs represent visual clarity without any places for dirt to hide, while the TurboFlush flush technology ensures an even more thorough and quiet flush. When the WC seat can also be easily removed and cleaned, there is nowhere for dirt and bacteria to accumulate.

Rimless solutions for added cleanliness – Geberit Rimfree® WCs

In addition to design, hygiene and ease of cleaning are also decisive factors when choosing WC ceramic appliances. The flush rim is a nuisance because germs, dirt and deposits can accumulate there. The rimless WCs from Geberit are designed entirely without a flush rim. There are therefore no hidden, hard-to-reach places where deposits can build up and odours can develop.

Because rimless WCs are much easier to clean, they are the first choice when it comes to WC hygiene. Geberit Rimfree® WC ceramic appliances feature a patented flush technology that was developed by Geberit. A flush guide ensures a hygienically perfect flush every time without using much water.

Which Rimfree WC matches your style?

Round, rectangular or narrow. The portfolio not only includes different shapes to match the existing ceramic appliances, but also different price segments as well. We have the right solution for everyone.

TurboFlush flush technology

We have gone one step further and developed the TurboFlush flush technology to ensure even greater hygiene and less cleaning. The asymmetrical geometry of the ceramic appliance and lateral water inlet result in a unique flushing-out performance. The technology is much more effective than a normal flush, not to mention much quieter and more efficient.

Geberit ONE WC

  • Geberit ONE WC ceramic appliance
  • Simple removal of WC lid and seat
  • Asymmetrical inner geometry for a thorough flush

The wall-hung Geberit ONE WC is both elegant and perfectly proportioned. Thanks to its timeless design, it can be integrated in all kinds of bathrooms. The simple removal of the WC lid makes the ceramic appliance even easier to clean. The QuickRelease system is also available on other WC ceramic appliances.

Geberit AquaClean shower toilet

  • Geberit AquaClean Mera in chrome with remote control
  • Geberit AquaClean Sela with WhirlSpray technology

Water is essential for everyday personal hygiene and cleans gently yet thoroughly. As a result, even more people are becoming fans of natural, gentle cleaning on the toilet using water instead of toilet paper. This perfect combination of attractive product design and everyday appliance with added comfort gives the bathroom a special touch.

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Geberit Monolith

  • Geberit Monolith sanitary module in sand grey

When Geberit Monolith was launched on the market in 2010, it bridged the gap between conventional exposed cisterns and concealed cisterns hidden behind the wall. The elegant sanitary module with integrated cistern was celebrated as a new, versatile design element in the bathroom. Since the very beginning, the Geberit Monolith has been compatible with virtually all standard WC ceramic appliances and Geberit AquaClean shower toilets. Installation usually requires no structural modifications, which is a significant advantage both in new buildings and as part of renovations. The front cladding is made of safety glass, is available in different colours and materials, and comes in two heights. The Geberit Monolith Plus also features additional functions for even more comfort in the bathroom, including an integrated LED light, odour extraction unit and an easy-to-clean control panel.

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