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Geberit Mepla

Stay in shape with more flexibility

The flexible all-rounder

Geberit Mepla can be processed quickly and is inherently stable, flexible, and resistant to pressure and corrosion. It is suitable for all water qualities – a water analysis is not required. Geberit Mepla can easily be combined with Geberit Mapress or Geberit PushFit.

Geberit Mepla applications

  • Potable water
  • Heating
  • Industry
  • Cooling
  • Compressed air

Many good reasons for Geberit Mepla

A Geberit Mepla connection between fitting and pipe
Unpressed Geberit Mepla fittings can be easily identified during the pressure test

Pressure test

Unpressed fittings can be identified immediately

Unpressed Geberit Mepla fittings are immediately identifiable when subjected to leak tests with water. Water flows out of the unpressed connections, even at low water test pressure.

The special cam design of the Geberit Mepla fittings ensures a secure hold

Retaining force of the Geberit Mepla fittings

Easy and safe installation by one person

Special plastic cams on the plastic Geberit Mepla fittings and a retaining ring on the metal fittings achieve a high level of retaining force in the system pipe and prevent the fitting slipping out of the pipe during assembly. One person can therefore easily install, align and press the piping system.

Geberit Mepla – fewer fastening points due to low linear expansion

Fewer fastening points

No linear expansion due to temperature fluctuations

The robust aluminium layer prevents the pipes expanding in response to temperature fluctuations. The installation therefore requires fewer fastening points than with conventional plastic pipes.

Geberit Mepla multilayer pipe made of plastic and aluminium

High stability

Benefits from two material types

The Geberit Mepla multilayer pipe made of PE-RT and aluminium combines the benefits of plastic with those of metallic piping systems. The thick aluminium layer therefore ensures a high level of stability and exceptional mechanical strength. The polyethylene layers, on the other hand, are corrosion-resistant and protect the pipe from deformation.

Smooth surface of a Geberit Mepla multilayer pipe

Interior surface of the Geberit Mepla system pipe

As smooth as glass for minimum adhesion

Geberit uses materials that meet the highest hygienic requirements for the manufacture of the Geberit Mepla multilayer pipes. The smooth interior surface of the pipes ensures good flow rates and minimises incrustations.

Visible inspection of the insertion depth for Geberit Mepla

Pipe insertion depth

Reliable inspection during pre-mounting and pressing

The pipe insertion depth is easily visible. During installation, this provides the certainty that the pipe is correctly placed onto the fitting and can be pressed.

The pressing jaw set prevents the tool from being positioned incorrectly for Geberit Mepla

Pressing jaw guide

Pressing errors virtually impossible

The defined pressing jaw guide on the Geberit Mepla fitting ensures that the pressing jaw is positioned in exactly the right position. It also prevents any risk of the joint slipping or being pressed in the wrong place. This prevents failed pressing sequences and ensures a reliable and durable connection.

The Geberit Mepla fittings lend the pipe a high level of tensile strength

Above-standard tensile strength

Safety for high loads

The outstanding tensile strength of the pressing operation of Geberit Mepla system pipes and fittings ensures reliable and permanent connections. Their quality is constantly checked and exceeds the values demanded in the standards many times over. This guarantees a high standard of reliability, even in piping systems subjected to high loads.

Cross-section of a three-layer Geberit Mepla multilayer pipe

Weld seam quality

Homogeneous coating for the best bending properties

The homogeneous longitudinally welded aluminium layer in Geberit Mepla system pipes with its smoothly formed weld seam guarantees the highest possible degree of safety and quality. It is not possible to overlap the aluminium layer. The pipe has the same bending properties in all directions.

Geberit Mepla is easy to bend into the desired shape

Bendable material

For flexible and reliable use on the building site

The Geberit Mepla system pipes in dimensions DN 16 and DN 20 can be easily bent by hand. The multilayer pipes are lightweight and can be bent easily, which makes them easy to lay. Bending tools can be used for larger dimensions of up to DN 50.


Nominal width (DN) Dimension d x s (mm)
12 16 x 2.25
15 20 x 2.5
20 26 x 3.0
25 32 x 3.0
32 40 x 3.5
40 50 x 4.5
50 63 x 4.5
65 75 x 4.7
  • Geberit Mepla Fittings and Pipes

Geberit Mepla fittings

  • Visible pipe insertion depth
  • Precise pressing operation thanks to tool positioning aid
  • Unpressed connections can be quickly identified during a leak test
  • Wide assortment of fittings made of PVDF, gunmetal and brass
  • The different dimensions of the Geberit Mepla system pipes ML
Three-layer ML pipe
  • Outer plastic layer: second-generation PE-RT for protection against corrosion and mechanical damage
  • Central aluminium layer: makes the multilayer pipe stable, bendable and forms a barrier against diffusion
  • Inside layer: corrosion-resistant and food-safe second-generation PE-RT

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