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Tools and accessories

Fast work progress with electrohydraulics

  • Pressing jaw for Geberit Mepla

Approved pressing operations are created with the Geberit pressing jaws, pressing collars and adapter jaws. These tools are used as the basis for system approvals.

  • Geberit pressing tool with pressing point light provides optimum visibility in dark corners
  • Ergonomic operation of the pressing tool with non-slip, compact handle
  • Compact and lightweight with high performance
  • Also suitable for restricted construction situations
  • Slim, non-slip handle for reliable handling
  • Electrohydraulic drive
  • Good visibility in dark corners thanks to integrated LEDs (Geberit pressing tools ACO 203plus / ECO 203)
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the brushless motor (Geberit pressing tools ACO 203plus)

Overview of the Geberit pressing tools

Pressing tool       Geberit Mepla Geberit Mapress  
Geberit Mepla hand-operated pressing plier - H <1.7 kg 16-26   Can be used without pressing jaws
ACO 103plus [1] A 1.7 kg 16-40 12-35 With Bluetooth® interface for the NovoCheck app
ACO 203plus [2] A 2.8 kg 16-75 12-66.7 LED pressing point light
With Bluetooth® interface for the NovoCheck app
ACO 203 XLplus [2XL] A 3.8 kg 16-75 12-108 LED pressing point light
With Bluetooth® interface for the NovoCheck app
ECO 203 [2] N 3.2 kg 16-75 12-66.7 LED pressing point light
MFP 2 [2] H 4.5 kg 16-75 12-54  
ECO 301 [3] N 5.0 kg   12-108  
HCPS* [3] N 14.2 kg   76.1-108 For VDS-compliant systems 108 without preliminary pressing

H = handheld equipment; A = with rechargeable battery; N = with mains cable
x kg: Weight of the handheld equipment including rechargeable battery without pressing tool
* HCPS is delivered with its own pressing jaws which are not compatible with other devices

  • Pressing jaw with Mepla pipe
  • Pressing jaw with Mapress pipe
The new generation of Geberit pressing jaws:
  • Service-free throughout the entire service life
  • Can be tested with the Geberit PowerTest
  • Available for Geberit Mepla and Geberit Mapress [1] and [2]
The Geberit pressing jaws:
  • High-quality
  • Durable
  • For dimensions up to 35 mm for metal pipes or up to 50 mm for multilayer pipes
  • For compatibility classes [1], [2] and [3]
  • Available for Geberit Mepla [1] and Geberit Mapress [1], [2] and [3]
  • Geberit pressing collars are used for larger dimensions
  • The snap mechanism fixes the Geberit pressing collar to the Geberit Mapress fitting
  • Geberit Mapress adapter jaw ZB 221 to press larger pipe dimensions from 42 mm
  • Suitable for Geberit Mepla and Geberit Mapress
  • Small, lightweight and robust
  • Easy handling with integrated snap mechanism which holds the Geberit pressing collar on the fitting
  • For dimensions from 35 mm for metal pipes or from 63 mm for multilayer pipes
Geberit adapter jaws for use with the Geberit pressing collars
Adapter jaw   Dimensions System
ZB203 [2] 63, 75
35, 42, 54, 66.7
Geberit Mepla
Geberit Mapress
ZB221 [2XL] 76.1, 88.9, 108 (1) Geberit Mapress
ZB222 [2XL] 108 (2) Geberit Mapress
ZB303 [3] 35, 42, 54 Geberit Mapress
ZB323 [3] 76.1, 88.9, 108 (1) Geberit Mapress
ZB324 [3] 108 (2) Geberit Mapress

Legend: [n] compatibility; (1) preliminary pressing; (2) final press

  • Geberit Mapress pipe cutter R

As well as the Geberit pressing tools, Geberit offers a multitude of high-quality tools for pipe work:

  • Geberit pipe cutter
  • Geberit pipe deburrer
  • Geberit stripping tools
  • Geberit pressure test plugs
  • Geberit bending tools

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