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Virtual showroom 2020

Experience Geberit products virtually

Discover Geberit products for 2020

  • Geberit virtual showroom
Like a showroom visit, but virtual.

With a virtual tour, you can embark on a voyage of discovery and get targeted information on specific topics and products.

Features include the new Geberit Selnova Square bathroom series as well as additions to the Geberit Smyle series, the new CleanLine80 shower channel and numerous actuator plates in new materials and colours. The Virtual Showroom also provides you with valuable inspiration for Building Information Modelling solutions.

Start your virtual tour

  • Geberit virtual showroom
  • Geberit virtual showroom

Move around the virtual space freely and navigate through our Showroom intuitively. Products and services that interest you can be activated with the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger. You can also home in immediately on key details in the info box, including text, images and videos.

Additional information as well as a link to the respective product pages can be found in the virtual display.

Visit our virtual showroom