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Geberit Senya

Contemporary style, universally applicable

Geberit Senya matches every possible bathroom style with its modern look and clean lines. The generously sized ceramics suit even ample sized bathrooms, but they are also an elegant statement in smaller spaces. Geberit Senya offers an option for any taste and room layout, the choice is yours.

Geberit Senya washbasins

The combination makes the difference.
Geberit Senya washbasins can either be installed on their own or they can be combined with an elegant pedestal. The half pedestal matches the wall-hung WCs especially well and the full pedestal gives a harmonious impression with a floor-standing WC. But of course, there is no limitation to these two combination possibilities.

Geberit Senya WCs and bidets

  • Geberit Senya

A versatile and welcoming ambience.
Geberit Senya offers an option for any taste and room layout. If you prefer a floor-standing or rather a wall-hung WC, or even a close-coupled WC suite, Geberit Senya has it. The comfortably sized ceramics give any bathroom a generous appearance.

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